2D Neon Grids


2D Neon Grids is a Shader Graph asset for Unity.

It allows you to generate 2D grid patterns with two texture layers, customisable color, as well as many different effects like distortion, scan-line, rotation, movement, and tiling.

Video showcase



2D Neon Grids Shader Graph Asset Contents:

  • Shader Graph Asset
  • Repeatable Grid and Scanline textures
  • 5x Sample Demo scenes
  • Sample demo materials
  • 30 x saved sample demo grid configurations that are loadable using the demo scene
  • JSON serialization/deserialization scripts for dynamically saving and loading grid configurations at runtime
  • High quality illustrated documentation
  • Use bloom to really make the grids pop and get those retro neon effects going.

The asset also contains sample scenes to illustrate the effect being used in audio visualization.

More screenshots

2D Neon Grids uses the standard Unity Universal RP (URP, or Universal Render Pipeline), Shader Graph, and optionally, Post Processing packages.