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Customisable systems, behaviours, and assets to help accelerate your game dev journey. Available for Unity. Other engines such as Godot and Unreal coming soon...

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Some of the assets

available on the Unity Asset Store

2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System

A highly customisable bullet pattern and weapon system asset for Unity.

2D Homing Missiles

Realistic proportional controller based missiles to use in your games and prototypes.

2D Neon Grids

ShaderGraph asset to create 2D grid patterns with different texture layers and effects.

Happy users

Feedback from users who have purchased our assets

I've been using this for about 24 hours and have been having a blast (literally)! The options for configuring the weapon system are numerous and allow you to make tons of possible patterns. I usually make a test project in Unity for new assets to test them out, and it didn't take long to figure out the system and get several tests going. The setup instructions were helpful and straightforward.
Unity Asset Store Review
So I ended up buying this instead of writing my own missile system. That was a very good choice! At the start I was a bit confused, but once you get to know the whole system you can easily hook in and edit it to your likes! Only once I required support for pointing out something simple and I received a quick response on it. Doubting to get it? I say you should! But keep in mind - for customization you'll need to have some c# knowledge.
Unity Asset Store Review
Hi there! I had to edit my review. Great, great asset. What other weapons are we going to be seeing in the future? I need, well, everything, lol. Update - Support is top-notch. Everything you'd want to see from a developer. I found myself mindlessly shooting random things today just for kicks. There are a few things to note, though, regarding scale - If you are using a very large on-screen area, you'll have to edit the bullet prefabs' scale and edit the speed limitations in the code, however, it was pretty fun making my character jump around in what was seemingly a snow globe, lol. There are a few features I would suggest, but the dev's code is highly readable and easy to manage, so it's very easy to expand upon it. Can't go wrong for 20 bucks. Excellent work.
Unity Asset Store Review