2D Laser Pack


2D Laser Pack asset provides you with a pack of highly configurable 2D lasers.

2D Laser Pack Asset Icon

You can customise all aspects of the lasers including looks, special effects (like optional lightning arc, hit spark effects), collision handling, target tracking, rotation speeds, and more. There are 3 x demo scenes that demonstrate different usages of the lasers, and provide on-screen controls to allow real-time manipulation of the lasers.



The 2D Laser Pack Asset for Unity Contents:

  1. Two different laser type component scripts (LineBased and SpriteBased)
  2. 9 x different line based materials/textures
  3. 2 x different animated spritesheet variants for sprite based laser components (x3)
  4. Pre-configured laser prefabs (one for each laser type)
  5. Lots of extra demo related scripts
  6. 3 x demo scenes with fully customisable controls / examples
  7. Well commented and documented code
  8. Custom inspector editors for each laser script component type