2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System for Unity  1.4.1
The 2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System asset provides you with a highly customisable bullet pattern and weapon system, custom weapon configuration editor with inventory manager, along with a bullet pooling manager which is simple to drop into your Unity game or project and start using right away.
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WeaponSystemConfiguration Class Reference

Data class for weapon configurations held by the main WeaponSystem component. More...

Public Attributes

string weaponName
float bulletSpread
float bulletSpreadPingPongMax
float spreadPingPongSpeed = 1f
float bulletSpacing
int bulletCount
float bulletRandomness
float bulletSpeed
float weaponFireRate
float weaponXOffset
float weaponYOffset
float ricochetChancePercent
float magazineChangeDelay
Color bulletColour
Texture2D weaponIcon
int magazineSize
int magazineRemainingBullets
int ammoAvailable
int ammoUsed
bool autoFire
bool bulletCountsAsAmmo
bool playReloadingSfx
bool weaponRelativeToComponent
float trackingTurnRate
bool lerpTurnRate
Transform targetToTrack
AudioClip reloadSfxClip
Transform gunPoint
WeaponSystem.ShooterType ShooterType
WeaponSystem.BulletOption BulletOptionType

Detailed Description

Data class for weapon configurations held by the main WeaponSystem component.

It keeps individual "weapon configuration" data for each weapon configuration you create using an instance of the WeaponSystem component. This allows you to create an inventory of guns/weapons for a player for example, and within the WeaponSystem component, you are able to iterate through a list of these configurations and easily change between "guns" or weapon configurations. Each property in this class will map back to a matching property on the WeaponSystem component, so when you switch weapons, each field from this WeaponSystemConfiguration instance is mapped to a field on the WeaponSystem instance. Bullets are then fired from the WeaponSystem instance and all the fields that were defined in this class, are then applied to the bullets.

Member Data Documentation

int WeaponSystemConfiguration.ammoAvailable
int WeaponSystemConfiguration.ammoUsed
bool WeaponSystemConfiguration.autoFire
Color WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletColour
int WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletCount
bool WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletCountsAsAmmo
WeaponSystem.BulletOption WeaponSystemConfiguration.BulletOptionType
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletRandomness
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletSpacing
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletSpeed
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletSpread
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.bulletSpreadPingPongMax
Transform WeaponSystemConfiguration.gunPoint
bool WeaponSystemConfiguration.lerpTurnRate
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.magazineChangeDelay
int WeaponSystemConfiguration.magazineRemainingBullets
int WeaponSystemConfiguration.magazineSize
bool WeaponSystemConfiguration.playReloadingSfx
AudioClip WeaponSystemConfiguration.reloadSfxClip
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.ricochetChancePercent
WeaponSystem.ShooterType WeaponSystemConfiguration.ShooterType
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.spreadPingPongSpeed = 1f
Transform WeaponSystemConfiguration.targetToTrack
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.trackingTurnRate
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.weaponFireRate
Texture2D WeaponSystemConfiguration.weaponIcon
string WeaponSystemConfiguration.weaponName
bool WeaponSystemConfiguration.weaponRelativeToComponent
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.weaponXOffset
float WeaponSystemConfiguration.weaponYOffset

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