2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System for Unity  1.4.1
The 2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System asset provides you with a highly customisable bullet pattern and weapon system, custom weapon configuration editor with inventory manager, along with a bullet pooling manager which is simple to drop into your Unity game or project and start using right away.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAlienHullHitSimple demo scene script for flashing a sprite renderer red when hit
 CBulletThe main bullet component class for bullets used by the WeaponSystem component
 CCameraLerpToTransformCamera lerping script to get camera to smooth follow the player or other targets in demo scenes
 CDemoFollowScriptUsed to get objects in some demo scenes to follow other targets
 CDemoRandomPositionMoverBasic random point chooser component used in some demo scenes to move targets to random locations
 CDemoRandomSteamEmitterBasic demo script to randomly emit steam particles from assigned emitters
 CDemoSceneManagerComponent that is used to manage and configure / display GUI for various demo scenes for the asset
 CDemoTurretHealthSimple health component to track health for turrets in turret demo scene
 CDemoTurretSceneUsed to configure simple demo turrets in the Turret weapon demo scene
 CDemoWeaponConfigSceneManagerA demo scene manager component that handles GUI for weapon configurations in the weapon configuration scene
 CObjectPoolManagerMain pooling singleton script for bullet / object pool usage
 CParticleSystemAutoDestructSimple auto destruct component for effect GameObjects like sparks / blood that use particle systems that helps them to be used with the ObjectPoolManager
 CPlayerMovementVery basic, example player movement script for demo scenes
 CRotationScriptSimple rotation script used for demo scenes
 CSetRendererSortingLayerBasic component used to set particle renderer sorting layers (legacy) for demo scene usage
 CWeaponSystemThe meat of the asset, the WeaponSystem component is used to hold weapon configurations, and bullet pattern setups as well as handling the logic for firing the bullets and setting bullet properties up based on the configuration
 CWeaponSystemConfigurationData class for weapon configurations held by the main WeaponSystem component
 CWeaponSystemEditorCustom inspector / editor for the main WeaponSystem component script
 CWeaponSystemEditorListEditor component for custom editor GUI used for managing lists